Cubic Reward Epic - FAQ

Below are frequent questions & answers, you can consult. If the answer is not appropriate, you can contact us

Q: What is Cubic Reward Epic?

Cubic Reward Epic is great way to find fun and useful apps and get rewards for it!
Download and install these apps to earn Credits that can be exchanged for gift cards and cash rewards.

Q: I downloaded an app from Cubic Reward Epic but didn't get any Credits!

There are a few different reasons this might have happened.
1. You didn't download the app through Cubic Reward Epic.
2. You didn't use the app for long enough after downloading it.
3. You've downloaded the app in the past (you can only earn Credits for trying an app for the first time, not for reinstalling it.)
4. Some apps may require you to register or use them for a certain amount of time before Credits can be earned. CubicReward's app descriptions list the requirements for earning Credits, so read carefully!
5. Sometimes technical issues can delay Credits being posted to your account. Check our Facebook pages for information about technical issues.

If none of this has helped you, please report your problem to us along with your share code at:

Q: Some of the apps in CubicReward can't be used on my device! How can I earn the Credits offered by those apps?

Not every app on Cubic Reward Epic will be useable on every platform or device. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Q: How do I earn gift cards?

If you have enough Credits, you can exchange them for gift cards on the Gift page. For security reasons, there is a 48-hour waiting period after gift cards are claimed.

Q: Can I get a Credit refund from unused gift cards?

Sorry. Gift cards claimed with Credits aren't eligible for refunds.

Q: I shared CubicReward on Facebook/Twitter/SMS/Email but didn't get any Credits!

Sharing CubicReward is just the first step. Your friends must complete the invitation by download CubicReward from your share link and earn at least one credit. Then both of you will get invitation rewards instantly!

Q: When will new apps be introduced to CubicReward? I want to earn more Credits!

Like us on Facebook to get the latest information about new CubicReward apps and deals!

Q: I can't find the promotion or gift card that I want.

If you've previously seen a promotion or gift card, but it's no longer available, don't worry. We're likely restocking it. If you have any suggestions for offers or gift cards you'd like to see us offer in the future, email us at:

Q: The page is loading very slowly.

We recommend using CubicReward over a WiFi connection. There may be latency issues when using CubicReward over a slower 3G or 4G connection.

Q: I saw a cool app with a neat reward but now I can't find it. Help!

Some offers may only be available for a limited time. If you see an offer you want, don't wait!